Cutting-edge image recognition and visual search technology, honed by years of research and development.

Developed in partnership with image experts RTC Vision Ltd, we've got some of the world's most cutting-edge image recognition and visual technology. At its core, it analyzes and understands what's in images and videos, creating a unique digital fingerprint based on a variety of visual characteristics (like color, position of colors, textures, and presence of faces). These fingerprints are used to compare with the fingerprints of other images, to determine similarities across the spectrum of those characteristics.

Using this technology as a foundation, we've created a range of solutions across different industries, applications, and uses. And now we're currently developing the world's first cloud computing platform for advanced image searching and recognition, opening up the revolutionary technology across the Internet. Use our pre-developed applications and tools, or develop the next killer-app using our API set. The possibilities are endless...

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